Monday, November 17, 2014

13 months later...

Well, it's been a baker's dozen of months since I last posted.  Thank you to those of you who have wished for some sort of update with your kind words.

So, here I am post Las Vegas Marathon keyboard jockeying in my Uber from SFO.  So much has happened in a year - from having some strange medical issues that are resolved but otherwise mysterious to helping sell Oculus to Facebook and basically moving to the Bay Area to work at the social media company's HQ.

The good running news is that after a 7 month hiatus, I am back in shape and continuing my 50 state quest by the time I am 50 years old.  Losing 7 months to recovery and work definitely is adding stress to completing that goal by July 2017 - the month of my 50th birthday.  But it is doable for sure.

This year, I added Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maine and Nevada to the quest.  That takes my total to 28.

Next year, I will start off by pounding out Mississippi and Alabama in my third ever back-to-back weekend.  Kentucky and Vermont are on the list for the spring.  I plan to find four others as well.

This past weekend was fun because I shared it with Lyndsey, Shara, Aliya and Kari (+ their spouses) from Fort Collins.  Lyndsey and I ran the first 9 miles together at which point our courses split so she could finish her third half-marathon and me my 54th marathon.

My parents were kind enough to swap their travel to come to Vegas too, and they were cheering Lyndsey and me on with signs and loud voices at mile 3.  They had a hot cup of mint tea for me post race as well which was awesome considering the low temperatures of this crazy 4:30 pm start race.  The race starts at night to allow us to see the strip all lit up.  I have to say that was pretty fun.  (But about half the course was in a relatively empty area without a lot of fan support.)

No rest for the crazy though.  A 7 AM flight had me winging back to the Bay Area for a full week of work.

More to follow (in less than 13 months I promise).