Saturday, April 2, 2011

50 State Goal?

So, as I near wrapping up my goal to run on all seven continents, other ideas form in my crazy brain for new metrics of running. One that I have been planning involves all 50 states. While some people try for 50 marathons in 50 states, I just do not think I am keen on that - at least for now. Instead, I think 50 10ks or longer in all 50 states suits my desires and can be finished more quickly than 50 marathons (which would likely take four or more years). I think I should be able to hit 50 states with 10k+'s in two years or a little longer. Through the past 5 years of running, 12 of the 50 state goal has already been achieved.

State: Longest Race
Arizona: Pemberton Trail 50k 2010
California: LA Marathon 2007
Colorado: Fort Collins Mini-Marathon 15M 2007
Idaho: Zeitgeist Half-Marathon 2009
Maryland: Nike+ 10k, 2008
Massachusetts: Boston Marathon 2009
Minnesota: Suburban Challenge 10k 2010
New York: New York City Marathon 2008
South Dakota: Spearfish Canyon Half-Marathon 2010
Texas: Bold in the Cold 15k 2007
Virginia: Marine Corps Marathon 2007
Wisconsin: Kini River Trout Trot 19M 2007

However, against this goal is that I like running in certain places. I will pick up Washington next weekend, but after that Colorado (May 1, Fort Collins half-marathon) and New York (NYC Marathon, Nov 6) are repeat states. So, I'll have to scour for some more events.