Sunday, July 17, 2011

Light Traffic Equals a Nice Long Run

Well Carmaggedon appears to be over and done. You may read about the closure of the 405 in Los Angeles all over the net. For those not exposed to our freeway craziness, you would therefore not know that CalTrans has embarked on a multiyear plan to widen 10 miles of very busy interstate. The ultimate goals include a carpool lane and better on and off ramps. A bridge in the Sepulveda Pass needed to be demolished (well half of it), and for safety, the workers shut a huge stretch connecting West LA and the San Fernando Valley. As I stated, google the whole thing for more info.

With warnings of mass traffic snarls from the 500k drivers who would be diverted this weekend, superstars and politicians urged Angelenos to stay at home. And golly, most everyone did. But they said nothing about runners, so how could I pass up a chance to see the 405 completely empty? Here are my images from this morning's run. (And traffic was so light that I decided to run from the 405 to the beach along famed hilly and twisty Sunset Blvd. Overall, 20.7 miles today. Way fun!)

Looking North - Not a car in sight

Yep, empty to the South too

Looking north from the Sunset Blvd. overpass. One car is heading south (the ramps were open part of the way south) and some crew cars (stopped) on the north side).

A biker was taking pictures too, and he snapped this one of me, again looking north from Sunset Blvd.

Next week, I'll run back to the same spots and post some normal traffic photos.