Sunday, November 20, 2016

I was on TV! State Marathon 47 in Mississippi!

State 47 is in the bag with the Magnolia Marathon in Meridian Mississippi! A great 3:29:16 in hilly, windy and chilly conditions, and my 2nd Boston Qualifying time in 4 weeks after the Grand Rapids Marathon 3:23:17.

One thing I love about these small marathons (I came in 3rd out 33 and won my age group) is that you get to talk to people. I chatted with the winner Melanie and 2nd place finisher Jack before the race at the start line. We were all too timid to actually start in front but ultimately we were the first 3 to bolt out and first three to finish. The race directors were great (Marathon Maniacs), and while the course was pretty empty and challenging, everything went well.

Melanie, me and Jack bolt out in front

Down a bit, up a bit. Repeat.
My goal for the day was 3:30, so I hit it perfectly. This took a lot of effort because of the up and down nature of the race. Shorten the step up the steep bits; don't let the heart rate go crazy. And use the downhills to pick back up the pace, but do not go crazy either since your quads will hate you.

The temperature was nice - in the 40s to start and in the 50s at the end. But we had about 10 miles/hr headwinds for a good part of the course. Not fun! Happily, those were tailwinds for the last quarter, but you never get an equal payback for the pain. After the first half, the course was deserted for anyone cheering except at the aid stations. I was glad to have my Star Wars marathon playlist.

Did I mention I was on TV?

I wanted to share this link of me on TV for the local news station. Alas, my hat's visor shadows my eyes! Oh well. And they spelled my first name wrong. Oh well again! But I was on TV!

3 States to go! (Tennessee, North Carolina and Hawaii)