Monday, February 28, 2011

Antarctica - Short post race note now that we have internet access again

Dear friends - 

Just a quick update as we now have internet access again.  (We didn't have it or the promised cell service at the race.  I feel better knowing our cells phones don't actually work in the Antarctic.)

The marathon was a tough one.  Not too cold fortunately, but very windy and muddy.  My time was my slowest ever at 4:26 but I feel great about how I ran it, and I passed about 5 people over the last 10 miles.  Not sure where that puts me (top 10 I think), but everyone said I looked solid.  Rebecca was able to come over from the boat to see me finish.

Just now, we've been very fortunate to see orcas - maybe 7 or 8.  We happened to be on the bridge at the time which was very neat.  And did I mention we saw icebergs in the distance as well?  Super awesome.

Now we are sailing to the Antarctic Peninsula for 4 more days of landings.

More to follow.




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