Friday, February 25, 2011

On the Way to Ushaia and a big thank you

Well, after to be expected shenanigans at the Buenos Aeries domestic airport, I'm filling this report from the air. Not sure when I will get to sync email, but when I do it will transmit to the blog.

We were meant to have 4 seats so Rebecca could have 3 to lie down. Of course, this was reconfirmed yesterday by the tour company with Aerolineas Argintineas. So, at the airport this morning, when I asked about it, they said there are no extra seats - they've been given away since the plane is full. They did move us into business class (which is ok but the point was to get Rebecca the chance to stretch out her bad back). No idea what will happen on the way back. I felt bad for all the people behind us in line. Thankfully, everyone on the tour was very understanding and didn't complain.

And that takes me to thanking everyone who has donated so far:

Thanks so far: S+KM, TT, L+EO, JR, L+MP, M+RL, S+DS, SG, J+JV