Thursday, May 19, 2011

And we're back

Well, after two weeks of no running (but lots of cycling, swimming and CrossFitting), I hit the road Tuesday and Today to resume my weekly routine.
Tuesday's run was a short 4 miles that I did as part of the Japan Day Run for Hope. This event is a combination run in NYC and a virtual run. The virtual run means that participants can bang out the required 4 miles anytime between May 1 and May 22. The NY Road Runners Association set up the event. This is the group that runs the NYC Marathon everyone November.

So, on a very rainy (what else is new - see the post on March 20 about the LA Marathon) Tuesday morning, I took part here in the Palisades. So far, about 700 people have completed their virtual runs. I think I'm the only one from the LA area although I did some two women from Mammoth Lakes. There is a guy from Limerick Ireland. And I saw one from Cold Spring Harbor which made me think of Billy Joel. Most everyone hails from New York or New Jersey.
The rain really didn't bother me, and I was happy to get back to running. Today was sunny and I did 7.1 miles. This weekend I will cover 11-12 or so.

How do I feel? Certainly, I feel fine. I kind of wonder if the two weeks off produced any change. At times, my pace was quick both days, and I found keeping in the 7:30 range to be easy when I wanted. That's good since my next real race is the Palisades 5K on July 4 with hopes of coming under 19 minutes. I have to believe the time off can only be a benefit. Let's see how I feel after the long run in a few days.