Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Weeks Off

On Sunday, May 1, I completed what I have entitled my spring 2011 season. 2 marathons, 1 ultra and 1 half spread evenly over 63 days - one event every 21 days on days 1, 21, 42 and 63.

The half run in Fort Collins on Sunday concluded the series in a sort of denouement closing statement. Instead of just building to the 50K ultra and then falling off like a stone, the series gracefully concluded with a shorter run than most of my "long" weekend runs. I'm glad I tacked this on not only because it took me to my cousins' in Colorado but also because I felt a better sense of closure. However, doing such a "short" distance left me sort of scratching my head why I didn't just runt he full. Probably next year I will.

As part of this spring season, I planned in two weeks of no running. So, after a short 3 mile run this past tuesday in Central Park (sort of a recovery run from the half) , the shoes get a break from the street pounding. More importantly, my feet and legs take that time off too.

Why? Well, prudence plays into the idea. I have just done the most intense running of my 5 year career. While I do not feel that bad - some nicks and tight spots - I do not want to find out if I am close to breaking down. The two weeks should give me sore muscles time to relax and recover. I will still be exercising (cycling, CrossFit and swimming), but I will not lace up until Tuesday, May 17. And when I do, my focus is going to be on the July 4 5K I have coming up. I will probably do another 5k and maybe a 10K before returning to the Marathon in the fall.

Another aspect of this time off is to also get me a bit starved to run. Honestly, I have no fatigue of running. I do not feel burned out or bored. However, I think I will enjoy anticipating coming back to it as well. Maybe this is my version of abstinence for lent? Wrong time of the year and wrong religion, but what do I know anyway? And anyway, I read a book on a guy who ran across the country at the age of 57, so it's not like I am taking time off thinking about running.

More about the book in a future post.