Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thank you times 3 or 33 or 48 or $23,000

Running a marathon requires training and dedication.  Child’s play in comparison to fund raising.

We’ve proven success at both.  Together, we’ve raised over $23,000 for The Andrew Reisse Fund, Children International and The Alliance for Children’s Rights.  Plus a lot of new people learned about their missions.  And this is before our match.

I am beyond thankful for the support you have shown me and these wonderful organizations.  My birthday presents this year were seeing all the donations and to receive amazing thank you notes about my work here.  People gave money and thanked me for the opportunity; how awesome is that?

I am not alone in my appreciation.  Each of the charities has sent along a thank you note:

From Margy Feldman, Director of Development at The Alliance for Children’s Rights

Dear Generous Supporters, 
Thank you so much for your contribution to The Alliance for Children’s Rights. Your gift in honor of Laird will enable us to bring stability to the children and families that we serve. Your generosity will ensure that many more children continue to get access to timely medical care, an equitable education and the support they need to finally have a permanent home. For children who spend every day in poverty, abuse and neglect, these basic rights often go unmet. You help us achieve these goals and allow more children to lead more safe and stable lives.
On behalf of the children whose lives are made better because of your support, we thank you. 

And from Sarah Schubert, Children International
Nearly 30% of India's 1.2 billion people are families living in poverty.  They suffer from unsanitary conditions, substandard housing, inadequate health care, nutritional deficiencies and limited educational opportunities. Thank you for supporting Laird's audacious 50 state marathon goal so that in turn Children International can reduce the daily burdens for 5,000 children living in the Shahabad Dairy community in Delhi, India.  Through your support and the kindness of others, we look forward to investing in these children's potential and provide them with opportunities to grow up healthy, educated, empowered and employable to break the cycle of poverty. 
Thank YOU! 
Sarah Shubert

And BK Adams at Maryland
To everyone who donated to the Andrew Reisse Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland sends you our deepest gratitude.  Your donation will help to educate the next generation of Computer Science students, who will go on to create exciting software that impacts all of our lives. Through your generosity, Andrew Reisse's legacy of creativity, mentorship, and ingenuity will continue on.

UMD Computer Science Shirt and my medal
If you wish to learn more about these charities and to continue your support in other ways, please contact them; I am happy to provide their email addresses.  They are run by amazing people doing incredible work.

I feel like I celebrated my birthday for over two weeks since you all kicked off the donations responding to my appeal.  It is time to wrap up birthday 48.  Still lots of marathons to run - 17 before I am 50.  Back to training!

I’ll be keeping the blog updated too and posting on Facebook.

And if you are ever interested in a run or have a charity you support, let me know.



Bye until the next run...