Friday, March 25, 2011

Alliance for Children's Rights Makes Its Fundraising Goal!

From Janis Spire:


You did it! In addition to braving the elements in what has been described as some of the most difficult conditions since the inception of the LA Marathon & 5k, you all reached and surpassed our “Going the Distance for Kids” goal of $50,000. Your support will ensure that hundreds more children will have the stability of a permanent family, and access to the healthcare and education they need to thrive. Together we all are eliminating the injustices to children created by poverty and abuse. A very special thanks to our co-chairs, Kirk Pasich of Dickstein Shapiro and Laird Malamed and to each of our staff that coordinated this event: Darwin Hunt, Marlene McGuirt, Joelle Warren-Lane, and Christianne Ray.

Please take a moment to view a few photos from this great event:

Again, thank you for all your support. We hope you’ll join us next year for the 2nd Annual “Going the Distance for Kids” LA Marathon and 5k on March 17th and 18th!

Janis Spire, CEO

The Alliance for Children’s Rights

AND NOW…the 1st annual Alliance for Children’s Rights LA Marathon & 5k team Awards (NOTE: these awards were created from the mind of Darwin Hunt and are strictly for fun. The winners only receive a well deserved sense of accomplishment and unlimited bragging rights):

Top Fundraiser (individual): Sam Paneno @ $4,381.20

Sam was featured on the LA Marathon website, KTLA news, and his short video was playing at Dodger Stadium on the big screen before the race. Since the race, Sam’s accomplishment has been featured in local news, like the Beverly Hills Weekly. Great work Sam!

Honorable Mention: Laird Malamed: @ $4,275

Laird not only raised this extraordinary amount, he leveraged even more money through a challenge that helped us exceed our $50,000 fundraising goal!

Top Fundraiser (team): Dickstein Shapiro @ $17,455

Dickstein’s amazing fundraising efforts made the pre-race suite at Dodger Stadium possible. Thank you!

“Most Improved” Fundraiser (a.k.a. “The Procrastinator” or “The Seabiscuit”): Chris McDavid @ $2,524.92
Chris started out slow. He floated around the middle of the pack for a few months until last week he picked up the pace and pushed himself into third place. Chris illustrated that it’s not mile 5 and 6 that matter…it’s mile 25 and 26.

Honorable Mention: Karey Burke @ $2,245

Karey’s busy filming schedule did not allow her to focus on fundraising until 1 week before the race. In two weeks Karey went from last to 4th place. Great job Karey!

“TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More” Award: Dickstein Shapiro.

Kirk Pasich, Consuelo Lezcano, Fawn Schanz, Sandy Thayer, Hector Valente. “PAPPA BRUIN” Kirk Pasich led and kept his pack of five on a 12 minute/mile pace for all 26.2 miles. Great job Team Dickstein!

Fastest Marathon (Male):

Saul Colover @ 3:25. Amazing time for your first marathon! You’ve got a long marathon career ahead of you Saul. We hope you’ll join us next year.

Honorable Mention: Juan Guzman @ 3:27.

This former Alliance employee and Thomas Jefferson School of Law student did not even train for the marathon. WOW!

Fastest Marathon (Female): Karey Burke @ 4:13.

Great job!

Fastest 5k (Male): Laird Malamed @ 23:23.

This sub 8 minute pace was just a warm-up for Laird’s marathon…see below.

Honorable Mention: Diego Cartagena @ 31:02. Alliance Pro Bono Manager by day, 5k runner by night. He’s got the running bug and you can expect him to be under 30 minutes next year.

Fastest 5k (Female): Rachel Sanders @ 31:55.

Six months ago this Alliance Attorney could not run 1 lap around a track without stopping. Now she wants to do a 10k…and maybe even a half marathon. Great work, Rachel!

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Garcia @ 33:16.

This high school track star showed her skills on the hilly loop around Dodger Stadium. Great job Liz.

“Better Late Than Never” Runner: Amy Pellman.

The Honorable Judge, Amy Pellman decided just one week before the 5k that she would run on behalf of the Alliance. I ran into Amy at the Alliance for Children’s Rights Annual Dinner and she finally decided to run after using every excuse in the book (i.e. too much work, family visiting, my back hurts, I haven’t trained, etc.). To my surprise, Amy was sandbagging. She did great and it turns out Amy is a seasoned marathoner and said she’ll be joining us next year for all 26.2!

Craziest Team Member: Laird Malamed (a.k.a LAIRDO)

By far. No question. When Laird is not creating video games, he’s with his family or running. Two weeks ago Laird ran a marathon in ANTARTICA in under 5 hours! Then, he ran the 5k Saturday morning. Then Sunday morning he ran the LA Marathon in a torrential downpour @ 3:35. This upcoming April, Laird will run an Ultra Marathon (an Ultra Marathon is anything over 42 miles.). If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was related to Forest Gump. Great work Laird and we look forward to seeing you next year.

That’s all folks. Thanks again and see you next year!


Janis Spire

President & CEO

The Alliance for Children's Rights

3333 Wilshire Blvd. #550

Los Angeles, CA 90010

(213) 368-6010 ext. 104