Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some wrap up thoughts

Well, if you have been following Twitter today, you know that our voyage to Antarctica came to a close. Happily, no travel bugaboos materialized; the seats on the plane were worked out, our luggage came in on the plane we flew on (that darn red bag is always last though) and our hotel room at the Four Seasons in Buenos Aires is great. Staying one more night in BA instead of a 30 hour marathon to get back to Los Angeles was a good call.

Still, leaving the Marathon Tours group at the domestic airport was bittersweet. The staff on the boat said they couldn't think of anyone in our group who was one of "those passengers." And I have to agree. A fear in taking a tour, especially after doing so much of my own travel planning for years, is that you won't jive with the group. But this trip certainly proved that people willing to run a marathon in Antarctica are likely to get along. Probably an obvious conclusion, so that means I am not adequately conveying how harmonious and enjoyable the other people on the trip were to be with. Magical would not be an exaggeration.

Still, all good things must end at some point, and today was that day. Memories and photos will have to suffice to keep those awesome 10 days (well 9 days and 1 really rocky one in the Drake Passage) going.

And I still have some writing for Indy in the Classroom. I read a book on Frank Hurley the past two days so I can submit my Antarctica Photography article. I'll follow up that with some final thoughts and a few words about the upcoming LA Marathon.

For now, sleep on a non-rocking bed.