Friday, March 11, 2011

Thinking about 24 miles tomorrow

Well, just 9 days until the LA Marathon. I got back to running this week after the 7 days on the cruise post-Antarctica of resting. Did 8 miles in Buenos Aires on Monday and then 16 Thursday in Santa Monica. Tomorrow is 24 which will take me up to 48 for the week. That's a big load for me the week before the marathon, but I have to look at LA as a trainer for the Mt. Si Washington 50K Ultra I am doing on April 10. In fact, at LA, I will run the 4 miles home for a 30 mile day (and my longest run pre-Mt. Si).

The course for LA is great - Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica - basically running Sunset blvd for half and then Santa Monica and Montana for the other half.

First though, I have to post my Antarctica photos before everyone gets really mad at me!